First Thing, Justin Paton
      Tondo, William McAloon
      The Art of Seduction
      Mark Amery
      Points fo Orientation
      Andrew Jensen
      New Paintings 2010      

      Constructions 1978-1982
      William McAloon, Alan Smith,
      Dr. Morgan Thomas

      Bibliography: Selected
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1942   Born, Levin, New Zealand.

1960-64   Elam School of Art. University of Auckland.

1965   Graduated Diploma of Fine Art, Honours in Painting.

1974   QE11 Arts Council Award.

1975   N.Z. Representative XIII Sao Paolo Biennial, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Solo Exhibitions 
      * Exhibition Catalogue.

1967   Ocean Within,   Barry Lett Galleries, Auckland.*

1972   Paintings 1971-2,  Barry Lett Galleries, Auckland.*

1974   Small Paintings,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1974   Recent Paintings,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1975   Albus Series,  Petar/James Gallery,  Auckland.*

1975   Albus Series Small Works,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1977   Paintings 1975,  Gallery Data, Auckland.

1979   Seven Works from a Series of 10, 1978-79,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1981   Recent Paintings1979-80,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1981   Constructions 1979-80   Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1981   Monochromatic Paintings1976,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1982   Recent Works,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1983   Recent Constructions,   Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1984   Recent Work, Constructions 1983,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1985   Gouaches, 1982-84,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1986   New Work 1985,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1988   Dyad Series,  Brooker Gallery, Wellington.

1988   Dyad and Horizon Series,  Petar/James Gallery, Auckland.

1991   Alba Series1984,  Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland.*

1992   Recent Paintings,  Gow Langsford Gallery, Wellington.

1992   Recent Paintings, Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland.*

1992   Past and Present: Monochromes of 1975 and Constructions of 1988, Centre for Contemporary Art, Hamilton.

1994   Day/Sequence, Cipher and Related Works,  Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland.

1994   Drawings 1971-1994,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

1995   For Don,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

1995   For Don/Cypher and Related Works,  Brooker Gallery, Wellington.*

1997   Unnamed/Name  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

1999   Naming the Site,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

2001   edgings and inchings of final form, Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

2003   Voice of Mimesis,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

2005   First episode:Listening to Sight,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.*

2006   episodes,  Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington.

2007   Geoff Thornley Constructions 1978-1982, The Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland University, Auckland.*

2007   2+,  Vavasour Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

2008   White Line,  Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington.*

2010   New Paintings 2010,   Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington.*

2011  Voice of Mimesis,   Fox/Jensen. Auckland.

2012   first sight, Nov/Dec 2012 Fox/Jensen Auckland.

2014   ACCORD, April/May 2014 Fox/Jensen Auckland.


Selected Group Exhibitions

1964   Five Young Painters, Uptown Gallery, Auckland.

1964   Drawings, Uptown Gallery, Auckland.

1965   Painters and Sculptors of Promise, Auckland Society of Arts, Auckland.*

1968   Ten Years of New Zealand painting in Auckland, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

1970   Art of the Sixties, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

1971   New Zealand Young Contemporaries Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

1975   Two Generations of New Zealand Abstraction, Pakuranga Community Arts Centre, Auckland.*

1975   XIII Sao Paolo Biennial, Sao Paolo, Brazil.*

1979   The Council House: Johnston Wax Collection, Racine, Wisconson, U.S.A.*

1979   New Zealand Formal Abstraction Paintings Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.

1980   New Zealand Paintings of the 1970s’ from the Fletcher House Collection, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.

1981   Contemporary New Zealand Painting, Auckland Art gallery, Auckland.

1983   The Grid , Lattice and Network: Aspects of Recent New Zealand Art,   Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

1990   Tondo Exhibition, Brooker Gallery, Wellington.

1992   Hidden Treasures, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

1992   Hit Parade: Contemporary Art from the Paris Family Collection. City Gallery, Wellington.*

1995   A Very Peculiar Practice,  City Gallery, Wellington.*

1998   Home and Away: Contemporary Australian and New Zealand Art from the Chartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.*

2002   Representation and Reaction: Modernism and the New Zealand Landscape Tradition 1956 – 1977. Sarjeant Gallery, Wanganui.*

2003   Vuletic and His Circle, The Gus Fisher gallery, Auckland University, Auckland.*

2004   35K Artspace, Auckland.

2004   Art of the Nation, 1940-Today,  Musem of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington.*

2006   Solid Gold-Classic Hits from the Rutherford Collection, Hawkes Bay Exhibition Centre, Hastings.*

2009   2+2 A Dialogue. Geoff Thornley and Elizabeth Thomson, Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington.

2011   Collecting Contemporary,  Musem of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington.

2012   The Truth that Lies Tell,  Fox/Jensen. Auckland.

2012   Fox/Jensen & Greenwood Street Project, Melbourne, Australia.

2013   RIM, March 2013 Fox/Jensen, Auckland.

2013   Points of Orientation, May 2013 Jensen Gallery, Sydney.*